Big Family
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Today I wanna story about My Family!
First of course family head [My Father]
Muhammad@Che Nat b Ibrahim was his name.He is always gives me a good and great advice.Every advice reminds me to Maha Esa..Thank You ayah..I don't like when he "bebel". But He is the funniest father ever :D
Second assistant family head[My Mom]
Jalina bt Jaafar my father lover forever and 'jantung kedua kami'...I love my mom she so cute always "merengek" like a child but I love it.I love my 'mom bebel' because if she not talking in one day I feel so akwards! Mom after this you must talking no matter what issue it is...
Third the eldest one[My Sis]
Ummu Syakirah bt Che Nat.Known in variety name.Syakirah,Yah,Ummu, Kak Ummu but and my siblings call my sis Kak Umm...Funny Right.I love her 'ketat-ketat'.She is understanding person!
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Fifth our first Young[Young Sis]
Nur Hidayati bt Che Nat... she inherited my father funny.Always make people laugh.Sometimes she laugh alone.Weird but that's  true.My mum call her'Cik Yah' but my sis,me and my bro call her 'day' haha..
I like her~
Last but not least[My Little Bro]
Muhammad Basyeer b Muhammad @ Che Nat.Active,Hyper person always with his game but he is my father hero! My father call my bro Hero but you know we call it 'Bas' haha not school bus okay...So cute!

That all about my little big family la...Want to know more contact me at 017******* or go on my adress where we 19 Street of *******.See you Soon...

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