Saturday, May 14, 2011 0Reaction
Saeng-il chuga e LEE Sun-Kyu unnie
Saeng-il chuga e Saeng-il chuga e 
Saeng-il chuga e imnida!!!
Sunny unnie...Saraenghaeyo
Sunny unnie dangsin eul chugbong sin-ui gahoga issgi
Sunny unnie dangsin -ui saeng -il e haengbong
Seng-il chuga unnie!!

a little girl and cute girl named Sunny be happy today because today it is your day...SNSD Sunny unnie I hope you are happy with all SNSD members celebrating your birthday party...Sunny unnie your name is trending topic in twitter now....15 May 2011 finnally you are 23 years old girl...awww ~
Lee Sun-Kyu unnie Saraenghaeyo!!!!!

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