Thursday, May 26, 2011 0Reaction
Finally FREEDOM is mine(almost)
Hey there! How your mid year exam..?
but middle for me some paper hard but some paper not.
Am I good in English pronouce??
Practice and trying to speak English
because who know maybe I will study abroad!!!
ooohhh!!!AMIN~ I want it...
SNSD can you grant my wish throw your song
ahhh I am here not talking about mid-year or study abroad or SNSD
Iam here today because finally my blog back!~
You readers must be waited when ESTTY gonna recover
Now I'm back
I'll be back(like 2PM Said)haha :P

p/s:Congrates To Atiya Samat..her History Paper got A..Atiya I wanna be your mentor...
another p/s:Atiya belum Percubaan SPM lagi meyh~haha
again to p/s:Happy Birthday to My G Girl[Nur Amelia Azmi]

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